Zostaw swoją wiadomość:

Zostaw swoją wiadomość:

Usługi logistyczne - zestaw startowy

Zestaw startowy skierowany jest dla tych, którzy zaczynają swoją przygodę z własną działalnością i potrzebują powierzchni magazynowej obsługiwanej przez doświadczonego operatora logistycznego.

Jednocześnie na wczesnym etapie rozwoju nie posiadają dużych środków na inwestycję. Powierzchnia magazynowa jest jednym z kluczowych kryteriów otrzymania licencji na obrót alkoholem.


Dear Colleagues,

I would like to thank you for your understanding and following the safety procedures systematically implemented by the Company's Management Board in order to reduce the epidemiological risk. Below is a list of actions taken, implemented and recommendations.

Actions implemented:

  • full access to disinfectants and hygiene products;
  • handling of external documents in disposable gloves;
  • communication through service windows;
  • access to face masks (for people with suspected disease symptoms);
  • systematic disinfection of shared items (door handles, handrails, table tops);
  • removing sponges, washcloths, etc. from social rooms;
  • limiting the number of people allowed at the same time in social and other rooms;
  • moving office workers to additional rooms;
  • temporary allowing working remotely (where possible);
  • limiting access to the building for people from outside;
  • cancelling meetings with contractors;
  • suspending business travel;
  • informing contractors about the possibility of restrictions in executing orders.


Actions planned:

  • mandatory temperature measurement for people coming in to work;
  • temporary change of employee obligations by joining the OHS task force.


  • using private dishes and cutlery with a recommendation to wash them at home;
  • welcoming smile instead of a handshake;
  • avoiding close contact with people who have a fever or cough;
  • informing about fevers or suspected symptoms in colleagues;
  • publication of instructions and messages also in Ukrainian.


Please be assured that we are monitoring the external and internal situation, we do not want to succumb to panic, nor is it our intention to create an atmosphere of suspicion.

Management Board of XBS PRO-LOG S.A.


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